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What is Throat Hit?

The “throat hit” from an e-cig is the feeling it gives you on the back of the throat as you inhale. A strong throat hit feels similar to a cigarette on the way down, quite irritating to the back of your throat and enough to make you cough if you’ve never done it before.
A gentle or weak throat hit is when the vapour goes down smoothly, not causing much of a sensation on your throat as you inhale. It’s a lot less harsh to vape from setups that only give a weak throat hit. It isn’t really comparable to the feeling you get on your throat from smoking, unless you smoked really smooth cigarettes like Silk Cuts.

6 Things You Can Do to Tailor Your Throat Hit

For vapers, tweaking your throat hit to suit your preferences is the main concern. How do you get a cigarette-like throat hit? What type of e-juice should you use if you want a smooth hit?
Thankfully, getting the sort of throat hit you’re looking for is quite straightforward. There are six main areas to consider, but here are a couple of brief summaries of how to get a stronger or weaker throat hit for anybody just looking for the key tips:

For a Stronger Throat Hit:
1. Use a higher-nicotine juice. More nicotine equals more throat hit. Simple.
2. Choose a higher-PG blend: If you have a sub ohm tank and mod, a roughly 50/50 PG/VG mix is good, for a basic tank system you should aim for a bit more PG than that.
3. Increase the power or temperature: More power or a higher temperature will amplify your existing throat hit and add one of its own.
4. Go with a menthol juice: Menthol boosts throat hit, so if it’s a priority, try out some menthol flavours. Citrus blends can work too.
5. Decrease the airflow: Less airflow means a more concentrated, hotter vape, and that translates into a punchier throat hit.
6. Use a different wick: Cotton has a lot going for it, but if you really can’t get a good enough hit, try a hemp wick to give your throat hit more of a bite.

For a Gentler Throat Hit
1. Decrease your nicotine strength: You might need to vape a bit more to feel satisfied, but lower nicotine strengths are better for a gentle throat hit.
2. Use higher-VG liquids: VG is great for clouds, but the throat hit is really smooth at anything over 70 % VG.
3. Reduce your power setting: Lower-power vaping keeps the vapour cool and the throat hit gentle.
4. Choose a sweet flavour: Sweet, creamy or bakery e-juices offer a generally smooth throat hit. Coffees and tobaccos can have the same effect too.
5. Open up your airflow: More airflow makes the vapour cooler and less concentrated, reducing throat hit.
6. Stick with cotton wicks: Cotton offers a subtle throat hit, but it’s less than with other wicking materials.
Not only is throat hit central to switching away from e-cigs for many, it’s also another dimension to the experience of vaping.

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