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The Difference: Reuleaux RX200S VS RX2/3

The Reuleaux RX200S

Keeping the same general framework as the original with a few adjustments, which included an improved 510 connector that didn’t crash out when used with certain tanks, an over sized screen with much better stacked menu system and an even more accurate temperature control system (even though the original RX200 was phenomenal) the RX 200S was, the best mod that could be bought for less than $100.

The Reuleaux RX2/3

With the 2/3, Wismec took a massive gamble by taking the framework but changing the game. From the outset the RX2/3 is an RX200S, the same screen, the same capabilities and the same kick ass performance. As long as the atomizer you put on there is within the resistance thresholds the triple battery configuration will keep you vaping all day long. The over-sized screen makes adjustments simple and the buttons work perfectly, first time and every time.

The differences start to creep in when you go to change the batteries. Rather that the original thin plate metal battery cover with 4 magnets, you’re faced with a door that removes almost a third of the body, the third battery in the set being placed inside the cover itself. Opened by a button on the base and held in by 2 metal clips at the top, if you didn’t know what you were looking at you may be confused. In this mode, triple 18650 it will perform like its predecessors, 200 watts and a happy vaping time.

Switch out the door for the other in the pack however, and the RX2/3 is designed to run at 150 watts on 2 batteries only. You have a device that is smaller by almost a third, weighs less but still has the majority of the functionality. Temperature control works as normal but you lose 50 watts. Even with the back portion of its signature shape removed there is no mistaking that it is a member of the RX family, although the added portability may have just opened it up to a much wider audience.

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