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Factors affecting the life of coil heads

Either sub ohm atomizer or RBA, the life span of coil heads are not fixed. It differs according to different use habits.

A. Power. Coil heads’ affordable power are generally marked on the shell of them, for example, 1.6Ω and 8-15W represents the resistance of 1.6Ω and the suggested power of 8W-15W. If the output power is too high, the high temperature produced by the coils will evaporate excessively and finally lead to burnt cottons.

B. The most important effect that liquid has is its carbon deposition. The liquid is delivered to the coil through the cotton, and then produces vapor by heating. Due to the high temperature, some black matters will formed up on the coils, which is the so-called carbon deposition. Liquids’ different raw materials and additives will affect the speed of carbon depositing.

Carbon deposition will affect the heating efficiency and vapor flavor of the atomizer. However, the phenomenon is inevitable because of the existed heating method.

C. While using new coil heads, especially processed ones, it’s important to do some preparatory works. Most of the sub ohm atomizers are preinstalled with the coil heads before delivering. After receiving it, users should disassemble the coil head first and drop a spot of liquid to soak the cotton before using.

By doing this the cotton could absorb the liquid more swimmingly. The reason is that the fiber surface of cotton is full of momentum, which forms up a surface that prevents the liquid from entering inside the cotton. By soaking the cotton, the absorption will be much more freely.

While soaking the coils, be careful to control the amount of liquid. Just soak the cotton around the coil and liquid flow ports. Excessive liquid will lead to problems like leaking.

In the process of soaking, do not drop toward the center of the coil. It is suggested to drop toward the cottons around the coils.

D. High VG liquid. If flavor-oriented RBAs are equipped with high VG liquids, the mobility of the liquid will lower the liquid flow and lead to burnt cotton. So the PG/VG proportion is also an important matter.

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