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E-cigarette FAQ You Should Know

1. No light, no vapor
Firstly, press and release the button quickly 5-6 times to unlock the device. If still not working, check if the battery runs out of power. If yes, recharge the battery.
If you vape a lot in a short period of time, for safety reason, the battery will stop working for a while. Please wait for about 30 seconds for the battery to work again.

2. Little vapor
If you think the vapor is getting less, the first reason maybe the amount of e-liquid is low. Refill the device with adequate e-liquid.

The basic knowledge for large vapor is low ohm and high wattage/voltage.

3. Why the device is getting very hot?
After heavy use or the amount of e-liquid is low, the device will get very hot. It is because the temperature in the coil may reach 280C when vaping. Try not to vape in a very hot environment to reduce the hot feeling incidents.

4. Noises when vaping
You may hear some noises when vaping. That’s normal because vaporization of the e-liquid will make some noises.

5. Burning taste
It is suggested to vape after refilling the e-liquid and soaked for at least 1 min to let the coil fully absorbs e-liquid to avoid burning of the coil.

6. When should I change coil?
It depends on the frequency of the vaping. The more frequent you vape, the more often the coil need to be replaced.

7. Why I feel mouth dry when vaping?
VG and PG are the main ingredients of e-liquid and both of them are dehydrating in nature. Therefore, your mouth will normally feel dry when vaping.

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